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Self-Publishing Made Simple

Stop struggling to publish your book on your own.

Hi, I am Akilah Trinay and I built Self-Publishing Made Simple to help people like you publish your book with full understanding. If you have always wanted to...

  • Publish your book the right way hassle free

  • Avoid the long hours, frustration, wasted money, mistakes, and stress

  • Learn the information you can't find through a Google search

... then this course is for you! In this 10 module program, I've included everything you need to know, including:

  • Planning/Research/Organization

  • Writing Your Manuscript

  • Editing and Book Design

  • Intellectual Property and Ownership

  • Finalizing the Book Details

  • Distribution - Setting Up Your Book to Sell

  • Preparing for Your Book Launch

  • Marketing and Promotion

  • All About Children's Books

  • Tips and Treats

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Self-Publishing Made Simple

Self-Publishing Made Simple is designed to help you publish your book with full knowledge and understanding of the process. This course is designed to support the publication of your manuscript without being stressed and overwhelmed.

Many aspiring authors have shared that they want to write a book, but don't know where to start. Or that they have a bunch of information, but unsure of how to apply it. The reality is that it is not a simple process...until now!

What does it take to self-publish?

If it were EASY, everyone would be doing it. I was given the "Blueprint" with all the steps and I followed them with fidelity, but at the end of the day, I still did not know what I was doing until...

I published the book and joined a writer's group! I published a very professional novel under my own publishing company, but had no clue how to market it. If you asked me then, I wouldn't have been able to tell you the steps. I accomplished the goal and became a published author, yet I was scared to let the world know. I told very few people I had written a book.

Mistake #1. It is pointless to publish a book and keep it a secret. Once I surrounded myself with like-minded equally driven people, I opened the door to a wealth of knowledge and understanding. I got the keys!

Life hit me hard between 2016-2019. Imagine this... I published a book, fell in love, got married, had a baby, got sick, separated from my husband, moved back to the Bay Area and once I caught my breath...COVID!

NO EXCUSES is my motto for 2021 and beyond! 2020 helped me to realize that we don't have time to waste sitting on our dreams.

I spent the last year writing, publishing, researching, reading, implementing, interviewing, and watching to prepare YOU for this moment. To equip you with what you need to be successful like knowledge about ISBNs, book metadata, marketing and distribution channels.

Teaching and learning is what I know best. Although, many can tell you what to do, very few can teach you what's necessary to be sustainable. Prepare to leave this course with the skills and understanding to get your book to the masses, not just through Amazon.

I am sure that you have searched for hours on the internet to find the most cost-effective way to publish your book. Even with all the information, you will still have questions. I caution you now not to go at it alone. You need a coach and a teacher. I AM HERE FOR YOU!

With this course you will be in the driver's seat, with creative control to decide if self-publishing is the best option for you and how you want to distribute your book.

Course Content:

  • Videos

  • Checklists/Course Outlines

  • Presentations

  • Worksheets

  • Links

  • Resources

Akilah Trinay, CEO of Revision Publishing LLC

I'm building my own legacy. I can no longer wait for someone to open the door of opportunity for me, I am creating it. Growing up in Oakland, CA., I was able to see dreams deferred and visions manifested and ultimately had a choice to make.

In 2003, I moved to Los Angeles and attended Cal State Los Angeles where I earned my B.A. in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations. I worked for TV One, BET, KPFK and Shannon Barr Public Relations before transitioning my career to education.

In 2008 I pursued my M.A. in Education and began teaching high school English. Once in the entertainment industry, always in the industry. I maintained relationships with several people in my network and often leveraged them in the Educational realm.

In 2013, I began hosting a podcast addressing love and relationships in the African-American community. Currently, I am co-hosting “Dance Hustle Radio” on the Good News Network and Spotify.

In 2019, after several years living in Los Angeles, I moved back to the Bay Area. I am currently Dean of Culture and Instruction. My greatest accomplishment is my beautiful daughter with whom I co-authored Potty-Training Day.

I self-published Beyond the Hurt under my publishing company Revision Publishing LLC in 2016. Revision Publishing LLC is an indie publishing and consulting firm supporting new authors on their self-publishing journey.



If you have ever considered writing a book you NEED this course. The elements of using a publishing company versus the option of self publication with specific examples is clear and effective. The essence of determining your demographics, how you wish to be portrayed and the graphics to support the book were extremely informative. Great presentation! You can’t miss with this course. --Educator

As a new writer I found it important to know where to begin. Revision Publishing provided a calm, knowledgeable, and comfortable atmosphere for adult learning. It’s not always easy to see the steps towards success but this first crash course at least told me how many floors I need to climb. I valued that I felt valued. My time was valued. She said it was an hour workshop and she was true to the process. The energy it took to capture and present the information was high quality. She sold me on the idea that this dream I have could be a dream realized by knowing my options and implementing the necessary and effective work. Thank you for the support of birthing a book. I would highly recommend this crash course to any ambitious author. --Aspiring Author

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