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Debut Author, Shares Memoir, “Two Baby Mama’s, an Ex-Wife, and an Ex-Boyfriend: Now What’s Next??”

As the world celebrates Pride Month, one debut author shares his memoir that delves into his early memories of family dysfunction, raging hormones, substance abuse, and understanding masculinity.

In his debut book titled "Two Baby Mama’s, an Ex-Wife, and an Ex-Boyfriend: Now What’s Next??," the author unpacks his battles with depression, losing family and friends, coupled with two attempts to take his own life.

Throughout the memoir, readers are taken on a raw and honest journey as the author confronts the impact of his family's dysfunction on his mental health and ultimately finds the strength to unapologetically embrace his queerness. He recounts his family history, sexual encounters, substance abuse, understanding his masculinity through romantic love connections, and serving our country.

"The journey to self-acceptance can be a rocky road, but it is an essential one to take," the author explains. "As a young person, I struggled to understand where I fit in a society that told me I wasn't 'masculine enough' and that my feelings and desires were not valid. This memoir is my attempt to shed light on that experience and to encourage others to embrace their authentic selves."

The author hopes that his memoir will serve as a source of inspiration and validation for those struggling to come to terms with their sexuality and navigate the complexities of modern masculinity. He also hopes that it will help break down barriers and create more understanding and acceptance within the LGBTQ+ community and beyond.

"Now What’s Next??" is a powerful and important memoir that speaks to the ongoing struggles faced by many in the LGBTQ+ community, and in honor of Pride Month, it is a must-read for anyone looking to better understand what it means to embrace one's authentic self.

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