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God is FOREVER with YOU

Have YOU ever been in a place where you’re LOST and CONFUSED on which way to go

FIGHTING with yourself to do RIGHT

But end up letting the devil TRAP himself in your MIND thinking what’s wrong is right

Steady trying to RUN to get to God but it seems as if your getting pulled further AWAY from him

Seeking and searching for answers that seems to never be ANSWERED

CALLING out to him for HELP and to get you OUT a situation you couldn’t IMAGINED yourself IN

But it seem like your mouth is SEWN SHUT and can’t get NOTHING OUT

Wanting to feel LOVE and ACCEPTED but fail to realize NOTHING in this world can satisfy your needs but GOD

So LOST your ready to just GIVE UP

Seem POINTLESS and WORTHLESS to do right in GOD

Rather just be CONTROLLED by the things of this WORLD

But just when you’re about to GIVE UP

GOD shows up just in TIME

PROVING that everything is going to be ALRIGHT

Know that we’re CHOSEN for a REASON

When you feel discouraged

Always think of the LOVE OF GOD

For he his LOVE and wouldn’t put you in nothing you couldn’t BEAR

Don’t let the devil win the FIGHT

But overcome within the right time


Don’t get WEARY or FAINT

Have FAITH and KNOW God is with YOU

The DEVIL can no longer TRAP you for as long as you UNDERSTAND PHILIPPIANS 4:13

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