Ever Been Soul Thrifting?

We are born with a gentle spirit, and this gentle spirit was meant to stay with us. The armor of love, compassion, and gentleness are only a few of the beautiful garments we have on when we enter this world, and these garments are tailor-made just for us. For a second, our baby hearts are full of love before knowing what love is. Our temperaments may be shy, calm, bold, and outgoing, ready to attract love, never confrontation.

But because we are born into an imperfect world, over the years, the different garments we possess innately slowly find their way into the thrift stores of life, and some of these naturally born garments, no longer fit the version of us that this world molds us into.

As I got older and as life happened, at one point, I felt as though my soul began to lose substance while my mind began to gain weight. With every traumatic event, my mind started throwing out the old clothing that could no longer fit my malnourished soul.

Without checking to see if my soul would approve, my mind took over my internal closet, trashing the excellent & pure, slowly replacing it with different articles of mistrust, anxiety, fear, or anger. As time evolved, I witnessed my closet changing right before my eyes. While beautiful themes of compassion, gentleness, and love all remained in my closet, I sometimes overlooked them because they barely fit and were not comfortable. I began slowly reaching for my attire of anxiety, low confidence, and stress more often without realizing it. Even though my