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Who am I ?

Have you ever been in a place where you realize you’re not the same anymore. Situations in life made you become someone better. It gave you a chance to grow and be better than you were before. Struggling to accept the changes and growth in you but you know it’s for the better.


Don’t know who I am

Trying to find myself again

Can’t understand the person I’m turning into

No longer the person I once was

Turned into someone new

Who’s becoming unrecognizable

Who am I ?

I want to accept this new and improved me

Embrace the change and growth

Don’t want to second guess or have doubts

Want to welcome the new me and let go of the old

Sometimes life will alter your character

But you can redeem yourself and be the real you

Can’t nothing life throws at you, get in the way of

Being a new and better you

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