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Sholay 3d Full Movie 1080p 83




Veeru and Jai cross paths with a band of rebel freedom fighters, led by Khan (played by Satish Shah), and his comrade, Chacha (played by Ashok Kumar) as they travel across the jungle in search of the dreaded dacoit, Daku (played by Dharmendra himself), who also happens to be Veeru's maternal uncle. During their journey, the two team up with a rich, educated young woman (played by Mala Sinha) who is not happy living among the poor and is fascinated by the dacoit. The three embark on an increasingly dangerous adventure, hunted by the dacoit and his band of marauding gangsters. During the three-week shoot, the camera crews were constantly targeted by dacoits, who would confiscate cameras to sell the film stock. Producer Tapan Sinha offered Rs. 30,000 to each dacoit who would turn in a video camera. For some unknown reason, the offer was ignored. The film, however, was released to critical and commercial success, becoming the highest-grossing Bollywood film of the year. Plot Veeru (Dharmendra) is a dacoit, an Indian bandit. He gets to know about a retired police officer Surya (Sanjeev Kumar) who teaches him how to kill people. He and his gang are involved in various crimes, including a bank robbery. A young woman, Meera (Mala Sinha), comes to live in his village. Veeru starts seeing her through the eyes of his friends and family. While she has no interest in him, he loves her. Veeru's gangsters are captured and sentenced to prison. Veeru travels to a jail where his maternal uncle Daku, who is also a dacoit, is being held. He promises that he will look after his nephew. Veeru is offered an offer by Daku's gang to help find the location of the legendary "Golden Valley" which is full of diamonds and gold, in exchange for helping him out of prison. Veeru agrees. Daku also takes Meera to his gang. She looks out for Veeru through the eyes of his friends and family. Veeru kidnaps her when she is looking for him, but she manages to escape. Veeru is then captured by Daku's gang. He is offered to work for Daku, as



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Sholay 3d Full Movie 1080p 83

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