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Beyond the Hurt (eBook)

Beyond the Hurt (eBook)


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As with the streets of Oakland, California; three families’ lives intersect and are bound by blood ties, secrets and deceit. Each one, desperate to put their sordid pasts behind them, has strived to create the perfect life for themselves and their children. Consumed with the petty criminal activities of their children, as well as dealing with their own trust issues with each other, each parent will do anything and everything to protect their legacy. However, when the actions of three friends attract the attention of an Oakland kingpin, hidden truths and long-buried rivalries bubble to the surface.

A case of mistaken identity that ends in murder shakes the very core of each person involved. Are they able to come to terms with their past transgressions and move ahead to a clean future, or will the secrets and lies lead them down a path of destruction? The streets of Oakland are waiting and watching. 

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