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Potty-Training Day™

It's Potty Time!

Potty-Training Day
(Dia de Entrenamiento Para Ir al Bano)

It's Potty Time!

Together ZiZi and Mommy explore the joys, challenges and frustrations when transitioning from being a baby into becoming a Big Girl. Potty Training is not a one-size-fits-all process, and everyone experiences it differently. Potty-Training Day celebrates that space in between where your little one is curious and ready and as a parent you are eager and scared for what a potty-trained baby really means. 


Potty-Training Day is available now in English and Spanish.  


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Meet The Authors

Bathroom Wall

Ziana Washington

Ziana is full of joy. She loves to sing, dance, count and learn new things. She is a blessing to all she comes into contact with.


Akilah Trinay

Oakland native, Akilah Trinay, is the proud mother of Ziana Washington. She was inspired to write a children’s book after exploring the joys and challenges of single motherhood. Akilah Trinay is the author of the fictional urban novel Beyond the Hurt. She also owns Revision Publishing LLC. She resides in the Bay Area with her daughter and supportive family.

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Potty-Training Day Tips


You know it is time to start when you are changing fewer diapers

(until around 20 months toddlers still pee frequently)


Purchase big kid underwear (and choose a character they like)


Involve the toddler in picking out the potty (preferably one that makes noise)


Potty on a schedule (every 20-30 minutes)


Use a sticker chart to track and reward progress (or any type of reward system)


Shower your toddler with praise and affirmations


Train by example (you got to show them how it is done)


Watch them closely (look for "I have to potty" signs)


Establish standard bathroom talk (words to use to describe what they need to do)


Don't punish mistakes (express how they will happen and what happens next)


Avoid the bathroom battle (if they are not ready don't force it)


Dress your toddler for proper potty training success (It's all about the clothes or the lack thereof)


Make pooping less scary (breathing and relaxation techniques)


Get rid of all diapers and pull-ups (I mean ALL of them only if you can handle what happens next)


Try the 3-day method and prepare for the 72-hour marathon


Provide liquids and lots of high fiber snacks


Prepare for accidents (buy extra clean-up supplies, undies, towels and sheets)


Equip yourself with potty-on-the-go equipment (public restrooms can be scary and DIRTY!)

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