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Write Now; it's the Right Time!

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

In order to become an author you must write! Recently on my social media page I shared "4 ways to start writing" 1) Select a writing process, 2) Start with a "working title", 3) Research your title and topic and 4) Write as much as you can, as often as you can.

Any Literary Agent or author would agree that you have to write on a consistent basis and you have to be very intentional about your timeline and writing goals. The secret is that you don't even have to write the manuscript, if writing is not your thing or if you are not confident. There are people who ghostwrite as a profession or coach authors through the writing process. You just have to have the ideas and the concept.

Many people dream about publishing and writing their own book, but remain in the unconscious state and don't take the steps necessary to make into a reality. You have to dust off that journal or take a break from your nine-to-five grind and put your ideas on paper. In a world where practically anyone with the funds can self-publish, it is pertinent that you take the time and do your RESEARCH. Yes, you need to search the web for the ideas you have to see if someone has already beat you to it. Has someone already published a book under the title you are married to? If so, it doesn't mean that if you find something similar that you have to abandon ship, but you do have to reconsider how you want to design and present it to the world. You want your masterpiece to be unique and outshine the rest!

Search books in your genre that are already available on bookshelves or as eBooks. This will alert you to the potential competition. The main purpose beyond making a difference in the world through your writing, is to get a lot of sales. You want to ensure that you are not providing readers with information they already know or have heard before. You want your potential readers to read your book and recommend it to others because it provides a fresh perspective or speaks directly to their soul. Do a simple Google search to see if your "working title" exists. Check to see if it relates to the same genre. You can make a few tweaks to your title to make it truly unique. (Note: It is not against the law--copyright law--to have the same title as someone else, it just may become confusing if someone is attempting to purchase your book and they buy someone else's instead.)

When researching books in your genre, study everything about it, from the formatting to the design. Pay particular attention to the beginning paragraphs and the overall book description. How will your book differ? How will your book stand out or compare? If you like a specific style, you can model you book after it, just don't copy their words, because that would be against the law! I would, however, caution against reading too many fictional novels similar to your ideas, as you don't want to unintentionally use a storyline that you read before. If it helps for inspiration, do what is necessary to get the creativity flowing.

Most authors take years to complete their manuscript because they pick up the pen and keep putting it back down. Maybe the time isn't right, maybe they are fearful of critique, maybe they have writers block and lack the inspiration needed to complete it. Whatever it is, it slows the overall process, so don't get discouraged if your 3-month goal turns into 2 years. The good news is, however, eventually they get up the nerve and stop obsessing over getting it right and finish it. That is the moment when, as an author, you are most proud and ready to go through the next agonizing phase of publishing--editing!

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