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Same "devil", Different Levels

Getting back on track after a setback has to be one of the more complex things in life to do. The things we must overcome are more prominent than things that come quickly and easy to us.

The Battle No One See's

If you're alive, the truth is, your mental health is bound to plummet at various points in life, and that's ok. It doesn't feel like it at the moment, but you are innately resilient.

Depression= Focusing on what happened in the past

Anxiety= Worrying about the future

Depression and Anxiety are both killers of one spirit, mental, physical, and overall well-being, and when you put the two together, you've got a real problem on your hand. Not to be a "Negative Natasha," but sometimes you're going to feel depressed & sometimes you're going to feel anxious. Unfortunately, these emotions are a part of life, but I won't say because, with these emotions, the seed growth can be cultivated.


We live in a society with so many names, stereotypes, and biases about depression, anxiety, and mental illness in general. Some call it the devil, and some call it bad energy; but whatever LABEL you give, it's all the same, and we all find ourselves fighting it at one point in our lives.

Life has its way of humbling you over and over again, and this is not a bad thing. Walking in humbleness is essential as humans, but it is standard for us sometimes to forget. We forget that life isn't promised, we aren't superman or women, and we are simply imperfect human beings.


I knew it would be hard and uncomfortable after transitioning from California to Mexico (where I will share my experience in an upcoming blog). To know me is to know that leaving or family was probably the last thing in my life, and no one could pay me to leave home. However, with many lessons sent to me by various people, experiences, and more, I realized that my comfortability was crippling me. How ironic that comfortability isn't always a good thing. Once I accepted that I was ready to get out of my comfort zone, my mindset changed completely.

It has been challenging moving to a new country. Life has challenged me in ways that made me want to give up and return to my comfort zone; HOME. My mom has this saying, "It doesn't matter where you move, YOU are still going to be with YOU,"; and it's stuck with me ever since. I had to ensure this move was heart guided and not any escape. Bittersweet it's been because when you move to a new country, you're forced to be with YOU more. You're challenged because you're in a foreign country and have much to learn.


We all have our down days, weeks, and sometimes even months. We must remember it's ok as long as we don't get so down or crippled by our challenges that we see no way out. We must remember that we are soul beings on this earth and not of it (unless you want to be). But there is more to life than work, marriage, kids, school, etc. God made us; when I say us, I mean every living thing. The source that made me made the ocean, the trees, the grass, and yes, that spider that you're afraid it. Why do I mention the oneness that we all share? I say it because at this moment, as I sit here typing trees, I hear birds and kids playing in the schoolyard. During yoga on the beach this morning, I remember thinking, "WOW. The same Creator that made me made the ocean." I was grateful that I shared sources and felt one with the sand up under me and waves in front.

When we feel depressed, anxious, or lonely, sit with nature next to a tree or in the grass; you have been given life by the same ONE that gives life to the nature around you. Listen, and you will hear. Be still, and you will feel peace.


I recently returned home for a week after some down weeks here in Mexico. During the beginning of the week of my stay back in California, although I still felt down, I knew the feeling would pass; I didn't know when. Mindset is everything, but it cannot be easy to change or renew your thoughts. However, the last thing you do is beat yourself up for struggling.


Living takes a lifetime, and prayer will not just help you get through. Prayer is asking, putting in your request, but as humans who are made in God's image, we must do the work to manifest our blessings and find what we seek.

This blog post is one of transparency and resilience. My "I'm back, let's try this again post." My "I may have needed to take a break, but I'm not quitting overall" post. I've normalized that there will be challenging moments, and where I would usually just quit, part of my learning has been getting back up and doing it again.

Some people will understand, and some won't. But I say this:

Staying away from discomforts that will bring about growth will keep you stagnant. Feel your emotions. Don't suffer alone. Ask for help. Practice Gratitude. I could go on. These are all easier said and done, yes I know. Sometimes I myself, am too stubb

A picture I took on the airplane on my way back to the States. It was a reminder that no matter how cloudy it may get, look for the sunshine OR the sunshine will find you.

orn or prideful to implement any of the coping skills I shared; however, eventually, the time comes when I can apply them. Be patient with yourself, you are doing your best!

If you struggle with this toxic "work work work" and "stay busy hustle culture," I encourage you to prioritize your creator, creation, and yourself FIRST. You are made in God's image, so like God, you hold the power of design in your mind, hands, body, and soul. Activate it to help others, and you will see how in return, it helps. Life isn't a competition.

You don't need a big penthouse; you WANT one. The truth is, you NEED peace, love, joy, and faith....those are priceless and can't be stolen or given to you by anything in this world; only the creator and yourself can provide these true gifts.


-The Bounce Back Kid but not the one and only because you're a Bounce Back Kid too 🥰

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