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Inner Balance Healing Collective

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Relax, Meditate, Heal

Inner Balance Healing Collective is a collective of healers granting fulfillment and alignment to participants who desire to leave behind anxiety, depression, stress, and worry. We provide an array of wellness classes rooted in building clarity, through subconscious healing, grounding ourselves in growth and development. 

We understand that mindfulness meditation births wholeness, ascension, and resilience. This practice provides peace, tranquility, truth, and relaxation.  Our licensed practitioners are rooted in teaching self discovery, self truth, vibrant health, while feeding the mind, body, and soul. You will walk away with renewed life force energy, healing, divine connection, energetic release, and rejuvenation.

Our Wellness Practitioners:

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Ashlei Burley, Yoga / Healing / Meditation

Whether it is on or off the mat, yoga is meditation in movement; granting peace mentally, physically and spiritually.  It bridges the gap between the human experience to the energetic experience that binds us to the universe on a vibrational level.   It is  an honor assisting others along their journey; holding space for the authentic expression of one’s  inner most light. It took 6 years for Ashlei to find her own flow with yoga. She yearned for a space where she could feel the connection to the Creator without compromising her light. After much soul searching and self reflection, Ashlei found the spark to make her own path; taking inspiration from teachings of old and new she found a pace that felt right in her soul. Conscious. Fluidity is the full expression of Ashlei’s inner light, her soul's mission coming to fruition; honoring and holding space for healing. Offering services in yoga and spiritually infused wares to keep one’s path open for the universe's blessings.

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Belvin Jessup, Hypnosis / Meditation / Relaxation

Belvin Jessup is a graduate of Winston-Salem State University with a major in Political Science and minor in Psychology. Belvin Jessup is the founder of Hypnoworks, a certified hypnotherapist through the National Guild of Hypnotist and a certified substance abuse counselor registered in the state of North Carolina. He has over 15 years experience working as a mental health professional and has learned how powerfully effective hypnosis can be compared to traditional treatments. Belvin will assess and evaluate what approaches that will be most effective for your condition in addition to establishing strategies for successful treatment. Belvin has completed his third degree in Reiki training and has also successfully completed courses in Neuro Linguistic Programming.

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Wellness Classes Offered...

Meditating in Nature

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