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What does it take to self-publish?

Time, Money and Persistence!

Revision Publishing offers online courses, consultations, and publishing resources designed to meet your needs as an author.

Who We Are

From Manuscript to Published Author

Revision Publishing LLC is an indie publishing consulting firm, dedicated to guiding and educating authors through the self-publishing process. Equipping aspiring authors with the knowledge and information necessary to get it right the first time! 

Contact us, to find out how we can support you on your publishing journey.


Founder & CEO

I'm building my own legacy. I can no longer wait for someone to open the door of opportunity for me--I am creating it. Growing up in Oakland, CA, I was able to see dreams deferred and visions manifested and ultimately had a choice to make.

In 2003, I moved to Los Angeles and attended Cal State Los Angeles where I earned my B.A. in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations. I worked for TV One, BET, KPFK and Shannon Barr Public Relations before transitioning my career to education.

In 2008 I pursued my M.A. in Education and began teaching high school English. Once in the entertainment industry, always in the industry. I maintained relationships with several people in my network and often leveraged them in the educational realm.

In 2013, I began hosting a podcast addressing love and relationships in the African-American community. Currently, I am co-hosting “Dance Hustle Radio” on the Good News Network and Spotify.

In 2019, after several years living in Los Angeles, I moved back to the Bay Area. My greatest accomplishment is my beautiful daughter with whom I co-authored Potty-Training Day.

I self-published Beyond the Hurt under my publishing company Revision Publishing LLC in 2016. Revision Publishing LLC is an indie publishing and consulting firm supporting new authors on their self-publishing journey. 


If you have ever considered writing a book you NEED this course. The elements of using a publishing company versus the option of self publication with specific examples is clear and effective. The essence of determining your demographics, how you wish to be portrayed and the graphics to support the book were extremely informative. Great presentation! You can’t miss with this course.

As a new writer I found it important to know where to begin. Revision Publishing provided a calm, knowledgeable, and comfortable atmosphere for adult learning. It’s not always easy to see the steps towards success but this first crash course at least told me how many floors I need to climb. I valued that I felt valued. My time was valued. She said it was an hour workshop and she was true to the process. The energy it took to capture and present the information was high quality. She sold me on the idea that this dream I have could be a dream realized by knowing my options and implementing the necessary and effective work. Thank you for the support of birthing a book. I would highly recommend this crash course to any ambitious author.

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